What is Eucalyptus Oil and using it with your Oil Diffuser

Using Eucalyptus Oil with your Oil Diffuser

Discover the benefits of Eucalyptus oil and why you should use it with your Oil Diffuser



Eucalyptus oil, also known as eucalyptus essential oil, is a colorless volatile oil extracted from the fresh leaves of the tree called Eucalyptus globules, and is perfect for use with your Oil Diffuser. The tree is also referred to as blue gum tree, fever tree and stringy bark tree in various regions around the world. The evergreen tree tends to grow very tall and is most abundantly found in Australia. It can be classified as a native to Australia but it grows widely in various tropical and subtropical regions on the planet.

The flowering tree has over seven hundred species. Many of these species are found in New Guinea, Philippines, Indonesia, many countries in Africa and Europe, notably in the Mediterranean, tropical and subtropical Americas, China, India and the Middle East. The evergreen tree doesn’t fare well in temperate climate as it is not resistant to cold. The largest forests of eucalyptus trees are in Australia, spanning a total of around ninety two million hectares.


Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil with your Oil Diffuser

Eucalyptus oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a natural decongestant, antispasmodic, deodorant, antibacterial and antiseptic. It has stimulating properties, primarily owing to the distinct odor and taste. The oil is not only used in a plethora of cosmetics including hair care and skin care products but also in medicines, mostly over the counter drugs. Australia is the largest source of eucalyptus essential oil. Most of the oil used in everything from inhalers to creams, rubs to mouthwashes, is sourced from the land down under.

  • Eucalyptus oil provides essential nourishment to your hair and skin. You can use some of the oil with some carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil and moisturize your hair. You can do this after a shower or just before going out. The oil has been proven to be effective against dandruff. You can get respite from the itchiness in your scalp. The oil can get rid of lice form your hair and scalp.


  • It is an effective cleanser, which is why it is widely used in hand wash or cleaners. You can also use the oil with some bath salts to cleanse your feet and hands. It is this cleansing property that makes the oil useful to get rid of rigid spots from carpets and clothes. Just as it can get rid of dirt and grease from your feet and hands, it can do the same for most fabrics. Diffusing Tea tree oil is also another great example of this


  • Eucalyptus essential oil can heal burns and wounds, abrasions and cuts, scrapes and sores. Making a homemade ointment is also a quick remedy for stings and bites. The oil is a natural reliever of pain.



Wooden Oil Diffuser

Eucalyptus Oil in an Essential Oil Diffuser


Oil Diffusers can easily be used with Eucalyptus oil

You cannot derive all health benefits of eucalyptus oil with its topical usage. Some of the more significant health benefits lay in using it in an oil diffuser.


  • Eucalyptus oil has the ability to alleviate and even cure some common respiratory problems. If you are suffering from cough and cold or have a sore throat, running nose and some kind of congestion in your nose or throat, then a eucalyptus essential oil diffuser will provide you immediate relief. The oil when diffused regularly in your living room or bedroom can offer relief from sinusitis and bronchitis. The oil has effective antimicrobial properties. It works against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is also anti-inflammatory and a natural decongestant. These are the reasons why the oil is used in so many medicines for respiratory ailments.

Using a eucalyptus oil diffuser can provide significant relief to asthmatic people. You can massage your chest with some of this essential oil and you can use an essential oil diffuser to inhale the dispersed molecules. You may also take in its vapor. The vapor tends to dilate blood vessels and hence allow the inflow of more oxygen to your lungs. Eucalyptus essential oil diffuser can help you to breathe much more normally if you have asthma.

  • Any oil that is used in any type of aromatherapy will have certain effects on mood. One of the primary objectives is to relax, to find a sense of calm and a way to relieve stress after an exhausting day. Eucalyptus oil diffuser will help you to unwind and rejuvenate as you get relieved of mental exhaustion. The oil works as a stimulant and is also good for people who are ailing or depressed. People with mental or psychological disorders will also be calmer and relaxed when exposed to the dispersed molecules of the oil. The oil can also trigger creativity and other cognitive activity as it enhances the flow of blood to your brain. It is a natural vasodilator so your entire body will benefit from increased blood circulation.


Eucalyptus oil is also used to manage muscle pain and in dental care, to regulate high blood sugar and to detoxify the intestines by getting rid of germs.