Natural Wood Oil Diffuser

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Take care of your well-being and create a peaceful and calming haven anywhere you go with our Natural Wood Oil Diffuser. It brings an aesthetically pleasing. natural look and we love the fact that it sits beautifully in modern homes offering an eye-pleasing ornament as well as bringing the benefit of filling a room with diffused oils.




With its unique and elegant design, this Oil Diffuser is coated with a lush wood grain, adding to and affirming the fact that it is bringing a natural and healthy to blessing to any room it is used in.

The Natural Wood Oil Diffuser brings to us a large capacity and great mist output, as well as being super quiet. It can hold up to 300ml water, producing 30ml of moisture per hour. The device automatically turns off when all the water is gone, ensuring a worry-free experience as there is no need to monitor or turn off the device manually.

The device has 4 time setting modes, users can choose to run for 1 hour/3 hours/6 hours or continuously on, again offering a worry-free, hands-free and safe experience

The Natural Wood Oil Diffuser offers adjustable ambient lighting which means you can choose between 7 fixed colours, or, if you cannot decide on a colour you can leave it on a mode which changes colours steadily for you.

We recommend this product for anyone who wants the benefits of essential oils and wants an moisture enriched, humidified room.


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