Oil Diffuser – A little about us


We believe in using new modern technologies to further help our advances towards living a modern but healthy life style, for the benefit of ourselves and our loved ones. Our team personally enjoy yoga, pilates, mindfulness, organic living, aromatherapy and raising our loved ones in a healthy and safe environment. As a company, we are ambassadors for local, organic grown produce and always aim to use locally sourced organic products sourced from suppliers who actively work towards maintaining a sustainable ecosystem.

Our company began as a group of aromatherapy hobbyists, and we love the fact that it co-insides with our beloved hobbies and interests. We actively use our products and are always looking for feedback from our customers.  We are always looking for innovation and furthering our fields by attending events at trade shows, craft fairs, electronic expos, farmers markets and local businesses. We are continuously testing and trying new products, and we sample all our products personally before putting them to vote as to which of our favourites we will release to our public/online retail store.

We started Oil Diffusers after being subject to finding it increasingly difficult to find decent quality products online. We originally started out as aromatherapy hobbyists and are proud to say that we are connecting the local, organic, home-grown world to the vastness of the internet and will continue to do this with passion well into the future.




Oil Diffuser - Aromatherapy Diffuser