There are a plethora of benefits from using essential oils with a oil diffuser
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Benefits of using Essential Oils with your Oil Diffuser

Essential oils have a plethora of health benefits. You may use tea tree oil, lavender oil, jasmine oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, oregano oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, bergamot oil, frankincense oil and clove oil. You can use each of these essential oils separately or you can make your own special concoction. One of the best ways to use essential oils is to have it dispersed in the air through an oil diffuser. Essential oil diffuser is widely used in aromatherapy. While some aromatherapy oils may be dispersed through an essential oil burner, you would be better off with evaporative, nebulizer or ultrasonic oil diffuser.

Using heat is not the best way to spread the essence of tea tree oil or other oils because many active nutrients get neutralized in the process. You may also use a fan oil diffuser for smaller rooms. It is affordable and doesn’t have any major shortcoming other than the coverage area.



Reason 1 – Essential Oil Diffusers eliminate bad odour


The most obvious and almost instant benefit of using an oil diffuser loaded with an essential oil is its aroma. Some essential oils are more fragrant than others but they all smell good. Every house will have some odor. The odor could be severely unpleasant or it could be mildly stale, misty or smoky. Essential oil diffuser disperses the molecules of the essential or aromatherapy oils that eliminate bad odor.[/text_output]

Reason 2 – Mood improvements by diffusing essential oils

The second most immediate impact of using an essential oil diffuser is the change in mood. Most people will experience a sense of calmness and would be rather cheerful when in a fragrant environment made richer by essential or aromatherapy oils. To this effect, essential oils can relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

Reason 3 – Essential Oils can naturally improve sleep quality

The third benefit is possibly the most rewarding for most people and it is the impact on sleep. Anyone will sleep better in a room where an oil diffuser is weaving its magic. Essential oils stimulate various senses in the human body. Most notably, it triggers the secretion of several hormones, including dopamine and serotonin. These hormones have the ability to calm you down and can facilitate sounder sleep. Those who are insomniac or struggle to fall asleep, those who experience several interruptions during sleep and wake up feeling a little groggy and fatigued will notably benefit from using an essential oil diffuser.



Essential Oils can benefit Sleep

Oil Diffusers can help improve your sleep naturally, without any chemicals or additives

Reason 4 – Reduce fatigue and improve well being with Essential Oil Diffusers

The effect on sleep along with the sense of overall calmness and cheerfulness help people to be more resistant to fatigue. Aromatherapy has a multitude of benefits and one of them is fatigue resistance. There are very few natural ways to truly rejuvenate yourself and using an oil diffuser with essential oils is one such trick.

Reason 5 – Repel insects and bugs using essential oils

Essential oils are effective insect and bug repellents. Be it your friendly or deadly mosquitoes or other pesky insects, they don’t like the aroma of the essential oils. You may be using some kind of liquid or spray to get rid of these nuisances. Essential oils are natural and there is no toxic fume or any chemical whatsoever. There is no better way to get rid of mosquitoes and other bugs.

Reason 6 – Essential Oils have antibacterial properties

Essential oils are antimicrobial. They have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Effectively, an oil diffuser loaded with essential oils will cleanse most microbes that have infested your air and various fixtures in a room. Your immediate indoor environment will be sanitized and this can be accomplished without any fancy purifier or harmful sprays.

Reason 7 – Immune System Health improvements

Essential oils also strengthen the immune system. The air we breathe in is loaded with particulate matter and various microbes. By cleansing the microbes from the air or neutralizing them, an oil diffuser allows us to breathe cleaner air. There’s one less task for the immune system which can now focus on other pressing issues.

Reason 8 – Improve respiratory health with Oil Diffusers

Essential oil diffuser has several benefits for your respiratory health. If you have mucus buildup or you are suffering from cough and cold, essential oils diffused in the air will help cleanse your respiratory tracts. You will get immediate relief and you could be eventually cured of cough and cold.

Essential Oils improve respiratory health

“Oil Diffusers can improve respiratory health through the diffusion of essential oils such as Lavender and Jasmine”



Reason 9 – Healthier skin and hair

Essential oils are obviously good for skin and hair. Since they have a natural moisturizing effect, the molecules in the air will prevent the indoors from become too dry. You may not have to use any humidifier.


Reason 10 – Oil Diffusers improve mood and feeling of well being

An oil diffuser will find you in a great mood, even when you are exhausted or don’t feel like doing anything. It is a perennial remedy for the various spells of depression most of us experience.

While we have focused on the ten benefits of essential oils when dispersed through an oil diffuser, the conventional methods of using such oils for skin and hair are also beneficial. These two methods are not really substitutes and they can harmoniously coexist as a holistic strategy. You can also combine several essential oils in an oil diffuser, just as you would do for topical treatments.