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Our essential Aromatherapy oils are specially produced for our Oil Diffusers. We only source the highest quality, organic oils from sustainable suppliers.

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What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils have attained unprecedented popularity in recent years, albeit they have been used widely for centuries now in many parts of the world. Folk medicines across civilizations, from Egyptian to Indian, Greek or Roman to Chinese, have used various essential oils for over two thousand years. You have perhaps heard of more than ten different types of essential oils. You will come across terms such as carrier oils, base oils, diluted or concentrated essential oils, diffuser essential oil, aromatherapy oils and infused essential oils among others. At the crux of it all lays the natural multipurpose essential oil.

Simply put, essential oil is the natural oil found in plants. Oil is one of the natural constituents found in all living species. Mammals have natural oils, so do fishes, reptiles and birds among other animals. Plants have volatile aromatic compounds in their roots, barks, stems, seeds, flowers and leaves among other parts that may vary from one species or family to another.

These volatile aromatic compounds are completely organic, in other words natural. However, these should not be confused with volatile organic compounds that are deemed to be toxic and hence industrial products such as paints, solvents and even furniture should be completely void of such hazardous materials.

Our Essential Oils come with a pipette for use with our Oil Diffusers

Essential Oils are perfect for use with our Oil Diffusers

How Essential Oils are extracted


Essential oil is extracted from plants using a process called distillation. The distillation method may use water or steam. At the end of the process, you have the essential oils separated from the actual parts of the plant. Some essential oils are sourced only from the flowers or fruits, stems or roots, leaves or barks. Most essential oils are sourced or extracted from multiple parts of a plant. Unlike chlorophyll or pollen, nectar or other natural substances in plants, essential oils are not usually concentrated or confined to any particular part or section. This is why the whole plant is deemed important as a source of essential oil.

What are Volatile Aromatic Compounds?

The volatile aromatic compounds are so named or termed because the substance tends to change its natural state when exposed to room temperature. The natural volatility is what makes these compounds ideal to be used in an essential oil diffuser. The essential oils can be in liquid, semisolid or solid state in the plants. In most cases, they are in liquid or pulpy state while inside the different parts of a plant. When extracted from the plant, the essential oils are mostly in liquid state. If the concentration of these oils after extraction is too high, which is usually the case, then the state may be close to solid.

Regardless of the original state, an essential oil will easily take its gaseous state when it is exposed to room temperature. You can open a bottle of essential oil and the whole room will be filled with its aroma. This is because the liquid molecules in the volatile organic compounds transform to their gaseous state and get dispersed in the air. This also explains why you can smell roses from a distance or why a garden of different flowering plants is enriched by so many characteristic fragrances. All these fragrances emanate from the essential oil that naturally diffuses in normal temperature and the molecules get dispersed in the air.

Essential Oils can be used to improve the quality of your air with an oil diffuser

Deriving the benefits of Essential Oils using an Oil Diffuser

You are perhaps aware that essential oils are used in foods, beauty or cosmetic treatments, general grooming, skin care and hair care, medicines and healthcare products. Most of the applications or uses of essential oil are not new. They may be used in contemporary ways, such as using a state of the art essential oil diffuser, but the origin of their multipurpose functions is thousands of years old. Before the modern oil diffuser, people would grind and mash the different parts of a plant to extract the essential oils and use them topically or steam them to extract its health benefits.


You can derive the benefits of essential oil through topical application, such as in skin care and hair care routines. You can use these oils in massages, to quickly heal wounds and to protect your body from various microbes. You may also use an oil diffuser. The latter is one of the best ways to use essential oil because the very nature of volatile aromatic compounds is to get dispersed in the air with all its nutrients and richness, a good example of this is Tea Tree Oil

An essential oil diffuser will allow you to immediately smell its fragrance. This has a direct impact on your mood or how you feel. The molecules act as a stimulant for the human olfactory senses. There is a significant impact on our respiratory health and the molecules also have the power to restore hormonal balance in our body. From positively affecting our cognitive abilities to cleansing a room by getting rid of innumerable air borne microbes, an oil diffuser has a myriad of health benefits that are hard to match.

An oil diffuser is not a substitute for any topical treatment that may be necessary for you. For instance, if you want to use an essential oil to cure an inflammation on your skin, then topical application is the best. However, if you want more than a dozen positive effects on your health, from easier respiration to stronger immunity, stress relief to hormonal balance, then you should have an essential oil diffuser in your room. Ideally, you should have a few oil diffusers in your house, one for every room.


An example of an Essential Oil Diffuser